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Our Team

  • David Zargaryan
  • CEO, Founder
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • (CTO) at 10X Engineering
  • Aram Manoukian
  • System Engineer
  • System Engineer
  • at 10X Engineering
  • Narek Manukyan
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • at 10X Engineering


The root of every idea is a problem. We eternally encountered the same problem while supervising tech students in our engineering company About 80% of them could not implement their knowledge in real projects because of insufficient practice knowledge. We made the decision to develop a special top board just for our internal use, which would help students/interns gain skills by doing highly fascinating hands-on experiments themselves to visually understand the basic of physics and electronics.


Students became more engaged and interested in their profession. They were able to find the answer to a host of questions. This success made us think about expanding the idea and making it available for larger audiences. And PinoKIT was born.

PinoKIT proposes a low-cost, user-friendly learning solution to improve the access to STEM world through our trainer kits to children of educational institutions in developing countries / low-income areas/ countries in transition.


The international market offers many educational kits with different functionality and capabilities. The market is too segmented:- Technologies that are low cost are not functional enough, very complicated to use, - Solutions with high prices, which are highly functional sometime required PC or 3rd party measurement instrument, the statistics show that only 40 percent of the available functions are us.What we propose is a simple, an affordable, functional & user-friendly educational STEM hands-on learning trainer kit. Furthermore, it includes many more features compared to its same-segmented competitors and offers all-in-one architecture (software, hardware, curriculum), which greatly facilitates its usage giving an important competitive advantage.For PinoKIT NO PC & ADDITIONAL TOOLS/HARDWARE (Oscilloscope, DMM, Controllable Power supply...) are required; the experiment control & data acquisition are implemented on the specially designed all-in-one boards. The unique proportional combination of hardware & software automation, the detailed curriculum makes PinoKIT powerful studying tools in educational institutions. It is the first add-on ecosystem including tiny and affordable computer inside. You need to connect it with a monitor and bingo!